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DarkLight in partnership with Agile Defense

Human operators have become overwhelmed by the variety, volume, veracity, and velocity of mission information.

Agile Defense has been working with DarkLight® developers to customize a product to meet the unique mission demands of the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Our Cognitive AI tool processes data and accelerates the decision-making response across the domains of Electronic Warfare (EW), Precision Fires, Defensive/Offensive Cyber Operations (DCO/OCO), Intelligence, and more. More capable than most common types of AI, DarkLight is a descriptions logic-based Expert System that codifies human experience, reasoning, and tradecraft while performing at machine speed.

Our unique experience with integration of cutting-edge technology, combined with our seasoned program management approach, enables us to offer our customers a customized product that provides:

  • Patented Deductive Reasoning: Accelerate your OODA loop with our Standards-Based Models that yield Predictive Outcomes.
  • Explainable AI Decisions: Share Subject Matter Expert Knowledge within and between organizations.


DarkLight Overview


Relieve the Cognitive Load – Identify the Unknown

 From one of our customers:

DarkLight AI is like having the knowledge of thousands of cyber security experts monitoring your enterprise 24/7. Nothing escapes notice.”

Contact Albert Ondo at albert.ondo@agile-defense.com for more information.