Referral Programs

We believe that amazing people are the cornerstone of our success. Great people know other great people, which is why we want to reward anyone who can introduce us to the next addition to our Agile Defense Family.

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Non-Employee Referral Program

You don’t have to work at Agile Defense to benefit from this referral program! Simply submit a referral using the Non-Employee Referral Form, and if your referral results in a hired employee that stays with out company for at least 90 days, you will receive a bonus!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The non-employee referral program offers a one-time referral payment to help Agile attract, hire, and retain the best of the best. If you know someone great that would be a fit for one of our open roles, please click the “Submit a Referral” button on the left to get started! Our Recruiting Team will respond quickly.

Can I refer a candidate?

You must be an individual person (i.e., not a business entity), who is at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States in order to participate in the program. You cannot be currently employed by Agile Defense. You cannot be associated with Staffing/recruiting agencies or consultants, or any employee or consultant of a third-party to whom Agile Defense is contractually obligated to pay a fee for the hiring of an individual referred by, or working for, such third-party. Finally, you cannot refer yourself.

What are the payment terms?

If you are eligible to participate in the program, Agile Defense shall pay you a one-time external referral payment, in the amount of $1,000 for any part time role, or $2,000 for any full time role based on part time/full time status at time of payment, for a referral that results in a successful regular hire, and such referred employee:

  • Acknowledges he or she was referred by you
  • Completes 90 days of continuous, active employement with Agile Defense
  • Is in good performance standing at the end of such 90-day period
  • Is still employed by Agile Defense at the time the external referral bonus is to be paid
  • Was hired against an external referral program eligible position
  • You have completed an IRS W-9 Form and submitted it to the People Operations group
  • For external referrals, you must complete and return an IRS Form W-9 (and any other documentation that Agile Defense may require) in order to receive the referral bonus. Agile Defense will supply this form to you once your referred candidate has started employment with Agile Defense. The referee will receive a 1099 for the year payment was received.

Agile Defense will process the external referral bonus in approximately 30 days after the referred employee completes the 90 days of employment mentioned above, and you have submitted the required paperwork and contact information. Payments will be made by company check from Agile Defense, in accordance with Agile Defense guidelines.

What's the process?

Click on the “Submit a Referral” button below. Referrals submitted any other way, that do not include all of the required information, or that are not properly identified will NOT be eligible for this Program.

  • To be eligible for an non-employee referral bonus, you must provide the following at the time of your initial submission:
  • Your name and contact information (phone number and email address)
  • The potential candidate’s full name
  • The potential candidate’s contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Your relationship to the potential candidate
  • The job are of interest (job number optional) to which you are referring the potential candidate
  • The potential candidate’s resume (and other documents, if applicable)

Note: One candidate per submittal. If the referred candidate appears to be a match, he or she will be contacted by our Recruiting Team. The referred must acknowledge that you referred him or her, and then we will ask him or her to apply online through the Agile Defense careers website.

Where do I submit a candidate?

Click on the “Submit a Referral” button below to get started.

Ready to Submit a Referral?

Before you submit a referral, please read the eligibility and referral process information above. If you’re already informed and ready to submit a referral, click the button below.

Employee Referral Program

Employees can earn up to $2,500 for referrals that result in a hire. Referral rewards vary depending on full-time or part-time status of the hired individual.

Current employees can submit an employee referral by going to their My Apps dashboard and logging into the UKG Dashboard. The referral form is prominently located on the UKG home page, in the People Ops section.