Robotic Process Automation

Why Does This Matter?

With an increased need for efficiency and accuracy in process and data management, organizations are searching for ways to retain and gain competitive advantages. The human workforce is still much more highly-skilled and sophisticated than even the greatest thinking machine. But humans have their limitations. Humans get sick, take vacation, take breaks, need to sleep; the digital workforce needs none of those things and can work 24/7/365. Organizations are taking advantage of these facts to integrate RPA tools into standardized processes to realize efficiency gains.

RPA is poised to offer organizations 30-200% return on initial investment in the first year alone. In a competitive market where every dollar and every hour count, organizations will look for every advantage they can find.

Humans are very good at error handling and exception path recognition. Software robots, however, are great at repeatable, manually intensive processes and can work in conjunction with humans to handle any exceptions that may arise during routine processing. Software robots also do not to make mistakes, fatigue, or get bored.

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