omniX is a machine vision insights software platform company whose innovative technology provides ‘eyes’ on operations in order to provide an assessment of how you are actually doing, and how you could do better, in an effective and efficient way. We synthesize the physical interactions of your daily operations, help predict and optimize efficiencies, and improve your capabilities, now and in the future.


Our models are well trained, making them fast, efficient, accurate, and cost effective.  We can do this without any hardware onsite.  These models are also able to be chained and run in parallel, allowing us to paint a rich picture of what is going on in any scene that may contain people, cars, and other moving objects.  We send this back to you in near-real-time, both as data and as visual representations.  In addition, our machine learning insights offering brings together our unique computer vision results with other referential data to help make recommendations and predictions of what is likely to transpire in the future.

Agile Defense partnership with omniX Labs yields Predictive Analytic Solution

Agile Defense is partnering with omniX Labs to offer a cloud-based, scalable AI planning system that performs real-time multi-media Data Capture to generate observed events of interest, correlates that information with customizable external referential data, relates those results against customer set target variables in order to provide Predictive Analysis, and then presents those results using real-time application programming interface (API) callbacks and a web based graphical user interface (GUI).

Data Capture provides the ability to understand ingested video feeds and produce observed events of interest using patented AI to conduct processing/analysis. Data Capture can be derived from any source including, but not limited to, IP shared cameras, sensor displays, pre-recorded videos, static images, and the like, and can also include other potentially more ready to digest referential data such as geography, time, weather, etc… Employing this state of the art technology provides new means of processing multi-media, including object detection, segmentation, and classification, and can be used to answer questions, such as what objects are on the image, where these images are located on the image, and what traits these images possess, as well as provide constant learning to further improve the ability to detect and recognize those objects in varying conditions.

Predictive Analysis is then accomplished by taking the observed events of interest discovered during Data Capture and employing advanced modeling technology for each customer defined target variable. For example, in the commercial world we may want to predict expected sales for the next 24 hours based on weather and local events; but in the military environment, technology could be employed to predict and assess sensor or weapon performance based on anticipated adversary reactions to various courses of action.