Data Optimization for Secured Cloud Migration

MinerEye is capable of aiding in the arduous and expensive transition to the cloud.

MinerEye stands as a mediator in a migration to the cloud, ensuring the privacy and protection of data that travels between the premise and hybrid cloud models. MinerEye distinguishes between sensitivity levels of various data types, and segregates accordingly.  Some files are secured before being sent to the cloud, while other critical or sensitive files are secured on premise, in line with regulations. Taking these steps before embarking on a cloud migration will ensure that only the necessary data moves to the cloud and that the information being moved is secure.

MinerEye begins by identifying files that are necessary to migrate, and making users aware of duplicate data. This saves storage space and time for enterprises that work with large volumes of data. Able to locate files that need proper protections, MinerEye can automatically label sensitive information so it is secure in the move to the cloud.

Able to assist with both on premise and hybrid solutions, MinerEye is the ultimate partner in secured cloud migrations.