Solutions Partner

Agile Defense has been working with DarkLight® developers to customize a product to meet the unique mission demands of the DoD and Intelligence Community.

Our Cognitive AI tool processes data and accelerates the decision-making response across the domains of Electronic Warfare (EW), Precision Fires, Defensive/Offensive Cyber Operations (DCO/OCO), Intelligence, and more. More capable than most common types of AI, DarkLight is a descriptions logic-based Expert System that codifies human experience, reasoning, and tradecraft while performing at machine speed.


Patented Deductive Reasoning

Accelerate your OODA loop with our Standards-Based Models that yield predictive outcomes. 

Explainable AI Decisions

Share Subject Matter Expert Knowledge within and between organizations.

“DarkLight AI is like having the knowledge of thousands of cyber security experts monitoring your enterprise 24/7. Nothing escapes notice.” – From one of our customers

We’re Ready to Listen.

Our team is here to listen to your mission, help you think of a solution to your goal, and ready to innovate through the toughest challenges.