We invest in building strategic partnerships with innovative technical companies to bring superior technical expertise and exclusive offerings for our customers.


Agile Defense has the expertise to provide and administer Atlassian solutions and services to meet our customers varied needs.

Amazon Web Services

Agile Defense is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, providing services to our Federal Customers.


Agile Defense offers Game-Changing AI for Cyber Security. DarkLight is a first of its kind, AI-based expert system for active cyber defense and trusted information sharing.


Agile Defense has partnered with Minereye, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that utilizes algorithms to analyze files at the byte level.

omniX Labs

Agile Defense is partnering with omniX Labs to offer a cloud-based, scalable AI planning system that performs real-time multi-media Data Capture to provide a predictive analytic solution.


Agile Defense partnered with Pega to simplify our customer’s technology from the center out through the Pega platform, one customer journey at a time.


Agile Defense partnered with Adobe to provide Adobe implementations, creative services, technological innovations, solutions development, system integration, and strategic thought leadership. 


Agile Defense partnered with Anchore to streamline the development and deployment of secure and compliant cloud-native applications. 

Automation Anywhere

Agile Defense partnered with Automation Anywhere to automate highly repetitive, routine tasks using RPA through bots and Artificial Intelligence. This empowers our customer’s workforce to be more productive and creative.


Agile Defense partnered with Cisco to integrate, build, buy, and consult on Cisco solutions, software, and services for our customers.


Agile Defense partnered with Dell to provide IT experts that resell Dell products and services to our customers and manage deployment-to-operation lifecycle of complex IT solutions.


Agile Defense partnered with Dynatrace to provide faster transformation with unparalleled observability, automation, and intelligence through their Dynatrace software intelligence platform.


Agile Defense partnered with Edgybees to provide an AI-powered solution utilizing statellite-generated geographical positioning imagery delivering visual augmented video with the highest levels of precision and speed.


Agile Defense is Microsoft Gold-Certified providing IT professional and developer technical expertise covering a wide range of Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions.

Red Hat

Agile Defense partnered with Red Hat to provide enterprise open sources solutions, including high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies.


Agile Defense is a Premier ServiceNow Partner providing certified and cleared resources for our Department of Defense customers.


VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses, deliver better experiences to their customers, and empower employees to do their best work.

We’re here to Listen.

Our cleared and certified team members are here to listen to your challenges and work with your organization to develop and implement innovative solutions—improving effectiveness, efficiency, and security.