Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Test, Evaluation, and Certification II Services (TEC II)

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JITC plays a critical role as the DoD’s sole Joint Interoperability Certifier, as well as the only non-service Operational Test Agency (OTA) for IT and national security systems (NSS). JITC TEC II will provide rigorous, repeatable, cost-effective Test and Evaluation (T&E), with test automations that will speed the process and free developers’ cycles for optimization.

Digital transformation and artificial intelligence have effectively flipped the script on how the DoD will operate in the years to come, a paradigm shift that Team Agile is excited to help navigate, both with and for JITC. Digital architecture, open mission systems and agile software are going to radically change in the years of the coming contract, and require an agile, expert partner to assess, predict and support TEC II’s T&E and cybersecurity requirements, and leverage the honed and proven technologies and methods to ‘Accelerate Change or Lose.’ Actual platforms and equipment are rapidly becoming less important than how much computing power they have, and how rapidly code can be pushed to them. These are the years in which AI will mature enough to provide effective predictive analytics, paired with rapid, automated software adjustments to stay one step ahead of near-peer adversaries. And that will all be tested and certified by JITC.

Agile Defense is eager to partner with JITC to embrace the dynamic, complex, fast paced technology paradigm that empowers the warfighter. Building the DoD’s essential future capabilities requires a clear sense of the risks, the drive and nerve to evolve, and Team Agile will support that evolution.

Who is Team Agile?

Agile Defense employee Paul Fisher working in a server room.

Team Agile is excited to announce our support of the TEC II Program. The JITC vision is our mission, and it is our honor to support the mission-critical role of DISA JITC in performing world-class integrated research, analysis, and testing for DoD interoperability, cybersecurity, DevSecOps, cloud computing, big data analysis, and other advanced technologies.

Team Agile consists of Agile Defense, a seasoned prime and proven innovator with over 25 years of successful DoD experience, and a ‘dream team’ of one Large and ten Small Businesses, each selected for its expertise in T&E support, innovative technical capabilities, demonstrated recruiting ability, and successful DISA JITC operations support. As the Team Agile prime, Agile Defense has successfully demonstrated substantial T&E development and delivery capabilities and provided TEC support for high-demand, leading edge DoD research environments and laboratories, including the Army Research Laboratory (ARL); the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA); and the HQDA, numerous Army Program Executive Offices, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and Kessel Run. We work closely with our DoD customers to modernize and transform their IT environments, drive down their support costs by millions of dollars by reinventing their business systems, and deliver ‘Exceptional’ rated support. We are ready to serve as a reliable advisor and vendor-agnostic expert in emerging technologies, and bring substantial experience in TEC, automation, and modernization.

Meet Our Team

Interested in joining the team? Reach out to us.

Rick Wagner, Agile Defense CEO

Rick Wagner
Chief Executive Officer

Lonny Nichols, COO

Lonny Nichols
Chief Operating Officer

Danielle Cole, Chief People Officer

Danielle Cole
Chief People Officer

Agile Defense employee Tim Green

Tim Green
Transition Manager

Rick Wagner, Agile Defense CEO

Eric Richards
Transition Support

Agile Defense employee Matt Peacock

Matt Peacock
Transition Support

Agile Defense employee Tim Timson

Tim Timson
Transition Support

Agile Defense employee Tanya Swart

Tanya Swart
Operations Director

Rick Wagner, Agile Defense CEO

Angela Lane
Contracts Administrator

Agile Defense employee Sandy Scott

Sandy Scott
Contracts Lead

Agile Defense employee Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones
Recruiting Lead

Agile Defense employee Emma Schubin

Emma Schubin


We’re hiring! Team Agile is looking for qualified personnel to support DISA JITC TEC II.

Recruiting Events

Sierra Vista

TEC II Meet & Greet

Monday, January 22
6:00 – 10:00 PM
Tombstone Brewing Company West End
332 N Garden Ave
Sierra Vista, AZ


TEC II Meet  Greet

Tuesday, January 30
11:30 – 1:30 PM EST
The All American Steakhouse
1502 Annapolis Rd
Odenton, MD


What can I expect to happen over the next couple of days and weeks?

If you haven’t already, please apply by selecting the link below. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will continue to gain information. Your application will provide us the contact information we need to help keep you informed of our progress and the timelines associated with task order execution.

Click here to apply now.

Do I need to interview?

Sometimes. Most of you have been “interviewing” for months and years in your current role so your leadership has a good idea of what your strengths and potential are. Often times we use this information instead of having a traditional interview.

If I want to talk with someone, who is the best person to reach out to?

Our recruiters are the best people to reach out to during transition.

Main Office Number (ask for the recruiting team): (703) 351-9977


Is there a printable PDF information guide?

Yes! Please download the TEC II Transition Information Guide for your printing and sharing needs.

What is the best email address to reach out to?

You can email us at

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