Culture Book

Learn more about the Agile Defense Family, our work culture, and how we’re more than just a group of coworkers.
We’re family.

Hello and Welcome

By this time, you’ve talked to a happy, smiling (at least, through the phone) Agile Defense recruiter, aced all the interview questions we threw at you, and now just joined the Agile Defense Family!

You might’ve even gone through Employee Orientation and perhaps you’ve received some new Agile Defense swag as well…


(Some Wild and Awesome Goodies!)

Whether it’s to recognize a new hire, birthday, new baby, workiversary, or just because, we love finding any excuse for some S.W.A.G.!

If your co-worker is rocking some epic S.W.A.G. you like, don’t be jealous. Just let us know, and we’ll try to get you some. And if you see any awesome O.C.S. (Other Company Swag), snap a pic and send it over. Don’t keep good S.W.A.G. ideas to yourself!

You may have already heard…

…but read it clearly here: we are a little different.

Not crazy different, but different in ways that work for our family and customers. Our culture is alive and evolves, but it always stays true to its roots. In fact, your family is also part of our family. So that makes us a really huge family. Like most families, we all have our strengths and quirks. We love them all. Bring your whole self to work.

So, where are we headed?

If vision is where you are going, culture is what makes you get there.

To become the premier mid-tier IT Modernization, Cybersecurity, and Digital Transformation business providing differentiated DevSecOps, cyber solutions, and tech-enabled services.

Got it? Good. Now, hop on to learn what values we follow…

So what is our Culture?

Culture is the manifestation of the shared values of an organization as represented by the actions of its members.

Our Core Values (or in Agile Defense lingo… the 6H’s):


Along with our vision and our 6 H’s, we have created a unique recipe for success.

Builders Unite

We are building a better company together.

Don’t just take our word for it; look around.

And as you do, you might see something that could use improvement. Let us know.

We’re sure glad you joined, because we need your help.

So, what is the secret sauce?

  • We take care of our employees.
  • We win new work, doing an amazing job in line with our Win Themes.
  • The customer fills out ‘Exceptional’ CPARs (Contractor Performance Assessment Ratings) for other customers to see.
  • Customers award us new or follow-on work due to our reputation, knowledge, and CPARs.

All of us have an impact on our growth cycle. The first part of the recipe is you. Inject yourself into the circle.

Achieving personal growth and success

Families are intertwined in respect, care, and support. Ours is no different. At Agile Defense we celebrate your personal career milestones. As you grow professionally, so does the Agile Defense Family – we become a stronger, more successful unit.

To achieve your full potential, Agile Defense provides the tools you need to help accomplish your personal and professional goals, such as:

  • Challenging and rewarding work
  • Opportunities for growth through the Mentorship Program as a Mentee, and to give back as a Mentor
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Financial support through our generous Professional Development Program
  • Quarterly check-in with your supervisor for support and goal focus
  • Student Loan Refinance Program to help you save money through lower interest rates and payment protections with no origination fees or pre-payment penalties

You bring your drive and enthusiasm and together we can accomplish great things in and out of the office!

Giving Back

Give back to your communities. Let us know how to support you to do so. From taking time off, to sponsorship, to an extra pair of hands, we help you give back.

Your cause is our cause. Leverage the Agile Defense Family to make a dent in the universe. We can achieve great things together in our communities at Agile Defense.

Together we achieve success by following with our Win Themes!

  • Listening, reflecting, and delivering innovative solutions
  • Partnering with our customers to solve complex problems
  • Demonstrating that teamwork and collaboration is an unbeatable combination
  • Being responsive and proactive in all that we do
  • Treating our employees as our most important asset

Following this blueprint, we are unstoppable like this guy to the left!

Our Customers

All of us support our customers. That’s why we’re here. Some of us support the customer directly, some indirectly. Figure out how you can support.

Partner with our customer. Be a trusted advisor. Hold their hand and lead. Show them the power of a smile and a kind gesture. Have an impact on their day. Support their mission.

The customer is NOT always right. But, the customer is the customer. Treat your customer with respect, even when you may disagree with their direction.

We also achieve success because we…


We aren’t the largest company in the world. We know this. Our success is rooted in being innovative.

We succeed by innovating alongside the customer. We are here to find new ways & innovative methods to accomplishing the mission.

Throw out the old way of doing things. How can we change things up to make things just a little bit better?

You are in the driver seat. Run with it. No one is going to hold your hand or hold you back.

We also achieve success because we…


Our culture is designed to enhance communication and support a collaborative work environment. So don’t hesitate to speak up, move around, and be part of the glorious chaos.

And while you are collaborating and reaching across the aisle, the old saying from childhood still applies in the professional world today, “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” In the end, exercising proper etiquette is about common sense more than anything else. Just use that and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll enjoy it here.

We also:


We reach out to you, and you reach out to us. Let’s talk! Email, phone, Slack – try them all!

We are really good at responding. We also have company-wide announcements via newsletters and Town Hall meetings.

And remember, you are surrounded by smart people. Talk to them, learn from them.

We also:

Speak up!

If you don’t like something, tell us. If you do like something, tell us.

We are consistently evolving, seeking feedback and making change happen, so don’t be afraid to send us an email, stop in, pick up the phone, or write about it in our annual satisfaction survey.

Need help? Reach out!

People Operations
Need a Verification of Employment letter? Want to update your Benefits? Questions about booking a training course? Have an awesome engagement event idea or need to get advice on how to handle a tricky situation? People Ops (HR) is here for you!

Teams Support Office
Need Help? From travel support and Concur account creations, to Business Cards, Lessons Learned, and Meeting Minute assistance, the TSO is here to help you. No request is too big or small.

Need help? Reach out!

Question about your pay check? Need a copy of your W4? Payroll can assist!

IT Support
Technical difficulties? Your laptop not working quite right? IT Support can help!

Facility Security Office
Looking to report foreign travel? What are the latest travel advisories? Need to request a VAR? FSO’s got you covered!


Welcome (again)

Now roll up your sleeves. Bring your ideas, your Hustle and Hunger. We’re going to need all of you so that we can be the best company we can be.

Welcome aboard!

Have some fun while you are with us!

Join the Team

We have seen, many times over, that Agile Defense employees who exemplify the 6 H’s achieve incredible success within our customer workspaces and within Agile Defense. These 6 H’s struck us as so important that we have embraced them as our new Core Values.