Agile Defense, LLC

CA Consumer Privacy

This PRIVACY NOTICE FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS applies solely to employees of Agile Defense, LLC and its subsidiaries and managed affiliates, including Agile Defense, LLC (“Agile Defense”) who reside in the State of California. We adopt this notice to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and other California privacy laws. Any terms defined in the CCPA have the same meaning when used in this notice.


Personal Information Agile Defense Collects

  • The following personal information may be collected, processed, and stored as part of the personnel record Agile Defense holds on you:
  • Your identity: to include last name, first name, maiden name; date of birth; sex; race/ethnicity; home address; home telephone number; home email, name and telephone number of a contact in case of emergency; passport number and related materials for processing of residency or other immigration status (if applicable); driver’s license number (if applicable); work permit number; social security number (if applicable and only as required for payroll, benefit, insurance, and work eligibility purposes); other identification document numbers (if applicable) provided for work eligibility purposes; country of birth and nationality (if applicable); bank account details; employee identification number; and, if any, your disability rate (if applicable) as required for Agile Defense to comply with its legal duty; your disability and veteran status (if applicable); marriage certificates and banking loan information for processing for relocation matters; and personal banking information for processing of payroll.
  • Family status: to include marital status; last name, first name and date of birth of your spouse or partner (should you and your spouse or partner wish to be added to your insurance); last name, first name, and date of birth of your children (should you wish to add them to your insurance); last name, first name, and date of birth for any designated beneficiaries; insurance information; retirement account information; passport number and related materials for processing of residency or other immigration status; school forms for local school enrollment or tuition payments.
  • Employment terms and conditions: employment status; to include fixed-term contract or open-ended contract (if applicable); part-time or full-time job; hire date; termination date; division; department; reporting structure; job title; pay grade; work telephone number and work email address; job description; salary schedule and other compensation elements; participation in and elements of awards under the executive compensation plan, if applicable; related payments; actual working hours or shift time; retirement fund contribution; tax and source tax deductions; absence management (in particular sick leave, leave of absence, family leave, parental leave); paid holidays (if applicable); time off given in compensation for extra time worked); personnel representative status.
  • Education and development: to include diplomas and training certificates held; languages and proficiency (if applicable); curriculum vitae detailing your work experience and if applicable, military experience (but not the reasons for deferment or rejection from the military service, if any); continuous training; mobility situation and management of career development actions; performance evaluations; training programs completed.
  • Data collected through the Ethics Hotline (if applicable): You or a complainant can submit complaints or inquiries on an anonymous basis to the Agile Defense Ethics hotline. If you or a complainant wishes to use your or their identity, then the following personal information may be collected: last name, first name, job title, and contact information of the person who contacted the compliance hotline (the complainant); last name, first name, job title, and contact information of the person who is the subject of the communication to the compliance hotline; last name, first name, job title, and contact information of the person(s) involved in the collection and processing of the complaint; alleged facts reported by the complainant; follow up required to verify the alleged facts; and information obtained or created in connection with reporting the complaint.

Purposes For Which Personal Information Will Be Used

  • Where it is necessary, we use your personal information to help ensure effective personnel administration, for the following purposes:
  • Payroll, Benefits, and Insurance: Personal information is used to administer the salaries, benefits, and insurance that you receive under your employment agreement, including annual merit increases, any other salary adjustments, annual bonus payments and retirement plan management, including other benefits provided to retirees; income tax; and social security withholdings.
  • Travel Arrangements and Business Expense Processing: Personal information is used to make travel arrangements and to process business expenses associated with business travel; to process business expenses associated with approved coursework, books and periodicals, and training; to process business expenses associated with approved business
  • Performance Review and Management: Agile Defense uses personal information to facilitate personnel performance management and career development, notably through annual performance appraisals; annual salary reviews, and; if any, disciplinary measures in accordance with local legislation.
  • Succession Planning and Leadership Development: Personal information may also be used for succession planning and leadership development of employees.
  • Administration of Executive Compensation Program or Other Similar Employee Equity Plan: Personal information may be used in the administration of the executive compensation program or other similar employee equity plan.
  • Legal Obligations: We also use your personal information to comply with our legal obligations, such as income tax and social security withholdings; disability and family leave obligations; or cooperation with courts, including civil actions, and with law enforcement agencies in legal investigations regarding suspected criminal activities or other suspected illegal activities. Agile Defense may also use your personal information to comply with federal, state and local contracting and reporting obligations. Subject to local law requirements, Agile Defense may use your personal information to protect our legal rights or support any claim, defense or declaration in a case or before any jurisdictional and/or administrative authority or arbitration or mediation panel, in the context of disciplinary actions/investigations or of internal or external audit and inquiries.
  • Security: Some of your personal information is collected and processed for security purposes including office access and IT resources access. Personal information may be collected in the course of IT resources security procedures, including security penetration tests, for which IT experts will try to access our system to find any security breaches.
  • General Management and Human Resources Administration: Personal information may also be used for administration purposes, including employee feedback through the use of employee surveys and contacting employees; administration of email systems and company directories; assignment of offices and other Company equipment; assignment of identification badges; and evaluations performed for purposes such as headcount, diversity and inclusion measures and overall corporate programs to promote an optimal workplace. Personal information may also be used for Agile Defense’s planning and budgeting; financial reporting; corporate reorganizations; outsourcing; restructuring; and acquisitions and divestments. Personal information may also be used for human resources administration such as to obtain feedback from personnel about Agile Defense and the work-life environment, so as to identify areas where the organization can improve and related matters.
  • Reporting: Personal information may be collected through the compliance hotline implemented by Agile Defense Corporation as a means of allowing employees to report allegations related to the following matters, or other areas of concern: accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing matters, bribery, banking and financial crime; facts affecting the vital interest of Agile Defense; or issues related to employees’ physical or moral integrity. The collected personal information may be transferred to Agile Defense Corporation located in Reston, Virginia USA in the event that the message received through the reporting system may affect substantially the legitimate interests of Agile Defense or any of their affiliates.
  • Monitoring: We will only monitor your use of Agile Defense IT Resources in accordance with applicable statutory requirements (including, if applicable, notification of relevant authorities).
  • Performance in Your Job within Agile Defense: To assign a workspace, office, computers, other Agile Defense equipment, to keep track of the individuals to whom the equipment is assigned, and to enable access to Agile Defense’s IT systems and applications, including third party applications used to perform your job.