Data Services

We listen to our customers

Data is a powerful mission asset that can transform how an organization operates. Bridging the gap between tactical and strategic, our Data Services experts focus on understanding customer needs and providing the necessary big-picture context to deliver solutions.  

We think of exceptional solutions

Agile Defense Data Services provides a wide range of capabilities from data science and analytics to data management, to data governance. Our capabilities pillars, led by subject matter experts, develop solutions for our customers that fit within the framework of their goals and objectives.

Analytics & Science

Enhancing what your data can do for your mission requires strong data science and analytics capabilities. We combine our technical expertise in visualizations and analysis with industry-leading data solutions Power BI, Tableau, Python, R, and others, to develop products that move customers from descriptive analysis to predictive insights.


Our experts have deep expertise in a broad range of data management solutions including standard database administration and enterprise data management solutions. We partner with industry-standard vendors to generate enterprise data management solutions for data lakes, data warehouses, data lakehouses, and data virtualization


While often neglected, data governance is the key to bringing together the power of data management and data analytics to enhance the overall quality of data. Our approach eliminates current obstacles and prevents future issues to maximize value and tools vital to our customers.

We Innovate

The data landscape is ever evolving and so are our data solutions. Our data services experts innovate with you your data needs, your strategic goals, and your mission in mind.

Take charge of your data with Agile Defense.

Actualize your mission potential with Agile Defense experts focused on delivering data excellence. From the tactical elements, to the strategic vision, we can help you build a better future.