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The Department of Defense and Federal Agencies need to prevent advanced persistent threat actors from gaining unauthorized access to their systems and infrastructure. However, this presents a contentious and continuous challenge with repetitive checks and audits.

We think of exceptional solutions

Agile Defense STIG automation offers a solid and validated solution to perform ad-hoc systems audits, remediate, and provide current state artifacts using an immutable automated approach that leverages the advantages and cost savings of automation.


DuroSuite doesn’t require an expensive third-party software installed on each device. This saves money and reduces the footprint and complexity of monitoring your security posture.


DuroSuite requires little human interaction, which leads to fewer errors, less time spent, and easy repeatability. It’s a productive, single solution for a wide variety of use cases.

Flexibly Scalable

Most enterprises involve hundred or thousands of nodes, and DuroSuite can be scaled to your environment. Even if you add new nodes, they can be quickly brought into compliance.

Current State Artifacts

DuroSuite provides artifacts to demonstrate that STIGs have been completed and show current state information. DuroSuite can perform security configuration checks, remediate, and present artifacts all within minutes.

“I’ve worked through STIGs and audits in my career and having a tool like DuroSuite is a lifesaver! It takes away the panic typically associated with the announcement of an audit. Compliancy for the enterprise is continual and DuroSuite eases the manual all-hands-on-deck burden.”  

Victoria Trunnell, Solutions Engineer Lead

We Innovate

Agile Defense’s DuroSuite employs flexible and scalable automation applicable to an extensive set of systems and use cases. DuroSuite can be used for on-prem, air-gapped, or cloud infrastructures.

Ad Hoc Auditing Capabilities

Ongoing compliance monitoring is key to threat prevention and audit readiness. DuroSuite has the capability to run checks separately from remediating and include custom comments, which lets you quickly assess unresolved vulnerabilities.

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