Cloud Services

We listen to our customers

After years of using on-premises services, organizations are migrating to the cloud to take advantage of the cost-savings, convenience, and compute resources elasticity. However, cloud migration presents new challenges around applications and infrastructure.

We think of exceptional solutions

Automation provides the quick and frequent deployments for mission critical applications and eliminates error-prone deployments.

Application Migration

Cloud-agnostic solutions focused on increasing service availability, reducing overall operational costs, and enhancing application capabilities. We strategically plan your migration, complete rewriting or refactorization of code, or a lift-and-shift option where appropriate.

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)

IaC removes the human error associated with manually configuring environments, reduces the time required to spin up new environments through automation, and guarantees each environment will be identical.

We Innovate

We will pair with you to implement new features and automation tasking, and have the expertise to bring your onsite team up-to-speed faster with our hands-on approach.

Agile Defense designed, coded, and deployed an entire AWS development infrastructure.

The project scope included the entire VPC infrastructure, a redundant load-balancing solution, a redundant active directory infrastructure, and a complete development suite and testing suite. This provided the ability for the developers to work remotely, a necessity in today’s world.

Agile Defense migrated the Air Force customer’s system to AWS GovCloud

We designed a solution implementing multiple Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) with multiple Availability Zones (AZs) for redundancy. By completing the migration, we lowered the programs’ hardware and software costs by $10M.

Agile Defense modernized and migrated applications to the cloud for the U.S. Army

This is projected to significantly increase service availability across the entire Army, present a realized cost savings of $2M per year, and broaden application capabilities and service offerings within multiple existing applications.

We’re here to Listen.

Our cleared and certified team members are here to listen to your challenges and work with your organization to develop and implement innovative solutions—improving effectiveness, efficiency, and security.