AI and Automation

We listen to our customers

With an increased need for efficiency and accuracy in process and data management, organizations are searching for ways to gain and retain competitive advantages. The human workforce is still much more skilled and sophisticated than even the greatest thinking machine. However, humans have their limitations.

We think of exceptional solutions

Automation provides the quick and frequent deployments for mission critical applications and eliminates error-prone deployments.

Infrastructure Automation

We offer Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Augmented Predictive (Cyber) Intelligence, Multi-Sensor AI Driven Surveillance, and a cloud-based, scalable Planning and Decision Aid solution.

Agile GO

Agile GO is a two-week business process optimization engagement to assess a select set of processes primed for optimization and automation.

Business Process Automation

An engagement that is focused less on automation and more on optimizing existing business and IT processes.

Robotic Process Automation

We offer full-scale, full-service, RPA implementation and management services to both optimize and automate business and IT processes.

We Innovate

We will pair with you to implement new features and automation tasking, and we have the expertise to bring your onsite team up-to-speed faster with our hands-on approach.

Agile Defense implements a Cost of Living Data bot for the Department of Defense

The bot implemented for one DoD customer automatically gathers market basket, cost of living data from over a half a dozen commercial and government sources for over 540 military housing locations to feed algorithms. By automating the data feeds, Agile Defense can provide the Government with near real time data for cost-of-living amounts.

Agile Defense enhanced and expedited the STIG automation process for the Department of Defense

We centralized the STIG checks for a wide range of categories. Our STIG bot focuses on automating Windows-based, Linux-based, network appliances, and many other categories outside the normal scope of traditional STIG tools.

We’re here to Listen.

Our cleared and certified team members are here to listen to your challenges and work with your organization to develop and implement innovative solutions—improving effectiveness, efficiency, and security.