Agile Defense officially announces its support for the National Guard Bureau’s (NGB’s) Joint Information Exchange Environment (JIEE). JIEE is a system of record for facilitating information sharing and collaboration (Shared Situational Awareness (SSA)) between the National Guard (NG), State Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQs), and Federal mission partners during Domestic Operations (DOMOPS)/Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) emergency response situations such as natural disasters and Special Security Events (SSEs). With more than 14,000 users across all 50 states, territories, and the District, JIEE supports Event & Mission management, Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Assistance (RFAs), as well as geospatial mapping capabilities and data feeds that contribute to the Common Operational Picture (COP) for enhanced Situational Awareness (SA). Agile Defense will support the analysis and software customization/maintenance for the JIEE; Agile Defense’s work will be performed at the NGB in Arlington, Virginia.